Memorable animation

I love the kind of animation where it’s so clever, you just want to watch it again and again to try and work out how it was done. This is a goal I have for EVO.


show off the sports

Since EVO is involved in many different sports, I think it’s a good idea to show some of them in the resolve of your logo, like the icons of the pencil and ruler are used here. Of course the pencil and ruler are a part of the logo in this instance, so for EVO we’ll use different sports icons to reveal the logo.


2D vs 3D (part 1)

Imagine here, rather than this story, it’s a woman who hits a ball with a tennis racquet. Then, she gets passed by an IndyCar, who drives by a guy hitting a golf ball, and the camera follows as it forms an octagon. The camera pans down and two fighters are locked in battle in the ring. A BIG PUNCH! As the man falls past camera, the logo is revealed.


2D vs 3D (part 2)

Of course, we can also eschew the idea of showing any sports at all and just do a (less video-gamey) 3-dimensional version of the logo alone. This would be cheaper, but also less memorable—so there’s that…

I’d offer a solution that includes the sports and everything being 3d, but the expenses will get out-of-hand and I don’t think it’s worth it.


Questions I need answered from you:

  1. Do you want to show sports, which reveal the logo?

    • If YES: do you want icons of the sports, or animations of people playing the sports?

  2. If you don’t want to show any sports, do you want the logo to be 2d or 3d?

once i understand what you’re looking for,

i’ll add a plan and a price to this page.


Thank you.